Wallpaper – It’s a Wonder Wall – 10 Reasons to Use Wallpaper

Generally speaking, it’s like marmite, you either love it or dislike it. But I think wallpaper can work in any room and in any house type. If you take the right steps in preparing the room and your wall for displaying your paper of choice then you will be happy with the end result.  However there’s always the debate whether to use paints or wall-paper on those plain walls in the house.

Paints were always the clear winner more for practical reasons than aesthetics.  This is no longer the case and there are some amazing iconic coverings that will brighten any room and introduce a focal point like no other.  If you are still not sure if you should take the bold decision to try wallpaper as an alternative to paint then please read on…

10 reasons to use wallpaper:

  1. Make use of wallpaper to to cover up wall defects
  2. Try using it alongside tiles
  3. Often, it can be wipe clean
  4. Use it to lighten up any room with no windows
  5. Why not use it alongside paint so you can have a feature wall
  6. Use it on any size of space to make an interesting area
  7. It doesn’t have to be forever as you can remove it easily
  8. They can be cost effective compared to paint when re-vitalising a room
  9. Create a welcoming feeling with wallpaper
  10. It can capture you house style and personalise your space

So wallpaper can be the perfect home improvement – with so many varieties the choices are endless – for more ideas about how to bring your home to life please visit ‘I Love Wallpaper‘.

Once you have chosen your wallpaper please don’t forget to visit our store where you will find a range of little luxuries and gift ideas to add those final, perfect touches to anyone’s home.