Beautiful Home on a Budget – 8 great tips for a beautiful look

Home essential design tips that won’t break your bank – Create a beautiful home on a budget

If you want to spruce up your home and give it some all needed love and care but don’t have a big budget to play with, then follow these simple tips…

1) Fresh is best 

I don’t know about you, but I get bored of seeing the same things in the same place, so my tip is to move things around from room to room, try playing with the layout of your pad and keep your home feeling fresh.


2) Experiment with the latest paint or wallpapers – high end look for an affordable budget

You can vamp up a room with a single shade of coloured emulsion. Instead of painting a feature wall, try experimenting with bold wallpapers and murals to get an expensive look. See my blog on ‘It’s a Wonder Wall’


3) De- Clutter

This one is obvious. Keep the clutter at bay, clear the mess as unsightly piles of paperwork will make your home look un-tidy. There are many beautiful storage options that come in various finishes and sizes so you don’t in fact need to hide it as you can in fact make a display of it.


4) Create a beautiful home on a budget with bespoke wall art 

Make your own personalised artwork using glittery gold letters readily available from online stores and high street retailers or add in a message/ quote transfer which can be relevant to the love your home already has.


5) Bronze and gold metals can add in a rich, beautiful feel to your home

Look out for homewares and accessories that come in coppers and gold to give any room that stylish and luxurious feel or indeed buy a can of spray paint and customize what you already have.


 6) Take your time – manage your budget

The most stylish homes have pieces bought over the years.  Be sure to shop for things you love and that will make an interesting display piece on any shelf or cabinet.  Make your home as personal to you and your family and don’t buy everything all in one go.


7) Re-vamp up your light fittings

You’ll be amazed how much more indulgent and richer your home will look when you’ve added in some new light fittings. Make a real statement in any room with large shades and opulent droplets which will make a real statement.


8) Blend old with new

Finally, the last tip to help you to create a beautiful home on a budget.  Rather than decorate your whole home head-to-toe in car boot bargains, mix in brand new buys that have a vintage look. This will keep your home feeling fresh rather than old fashioned and tired.